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Single-Teacher Version FAQs

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How is the Single-Teacher version of WebCourse different from the full-featured version?
The Single-Teacher version includes the key features that you will need to excite your students and energize learning. This version does not include access to extra storage space on our servers for uploading your own material, certain customized features, some newly developed features that may apply only to larger users, phone tech support and a few other select items.


Can I upload my own material for use in my WebCourse?
In order to maintain a low price for this service, the Single-Teacher version of WebCourse does not allow teachers to upload their own files onto WebCourse's servers. Most teachers will find that uploading files is not necessary. This is because the features built into WebCourse makes it easy to build your WebCourse without the need to upload your own materials. For instance, course information materials such as class announcements, course descriptions, and other assignment information are features already available in WebCourse. All you need to do is fill in the information including cut-and-pasting it from documents you have already created. Also, since WebCourse is design from the ground up to use the power of the Internet to enhance your course, you'll find a wealth of great educational materials already available on the web. All you need to do is locate the sites, insert the site address and you are on your way to creating great LearningSites for your students. If, however, having the ability to upload your own material is important to you then please contact us.


I already have a web page for my courses. Isn't this the same thing?
NO!!! WebCourse is much more than a tool for creating web pages! WebCourse allows teachers to create an interactive learning environment that will enhance course material and excite students by exposing them to educational content from Web sites located throughout the world or from your own organization's web-based materials. While WebCourse allows you to post information like you would on the web page you currently use, the real power of WebCourse can be found in its unique design that simultaneously delivers educational content and assessment questions to your student's web browser. Additionally, unlike a simple web page, WebCourse provides a full range of student monitoring tools.


How can a teacher monitor student activity within a WebCourse?
The course management features available in WebCourse offer several student monitoring tools including a TimeWatch report that will show when students have logged into your WebCourse and how long they were logged in. Also, reports are available that indicate students' status on assigned tasks including how many LearningSite assignments were completed.


How many students can I have in my WebCourse?  Is there a limit on the number of classes I can create in my account?
Generally the Single-Teacher version of WebCourse allows teachers to enter up to 50 students per year in their WebCourse account. User who need to add more than 50 students per year should contact us to get additional details on how to add more students.

Single-Teacher account holders may create up to five (5) different classes/section/courses per year. For instance, a teacher who teaches multiple sections of the same course could have several different WebCourses within their account each assigned to a different section.


Is WebCourse designed only to supplement a classroom course or can it also be used to deliver an entire course online?
One of the great advantages of WebCourse is that it can do both! Currently, many teachers prefer to use WebCourse as a supplement to classroom learning such as homework assignments or other in-class activities. However, a growing number of teachers, such as those involved in virtual learning or homeschooling, are finding that WebCourse is a powerful service for delivering an entire course online. Whether used as a supplement or for delivering an entire course, WebCourse has the features to handle your needs.


Is there a lot to learn in order to use WebCourse? Is there help for learning how to use it?
As we like to say "WebCourse ... It's Easy!" No matter what your computer skill level you'll find WebCourse easy to use. But just in case you have questions we have developed a Knowledge Base that includes all the information you'll need to get the most out of using WebCourse. The Knowledge Base is accessible once you've created a user account.


What exactly are LearningSites? What is a Unit?
LearningSites are web-based materials such as Web sites or other materials found on the Internet that teachers use to enhance their students' educational experience. Every teacher has seen or heard about Web sites that are powerful learning resources. WebCourse makes it easy for you to take your students to these LearningSites. By directing students to these sites, topics are brought to life in the most up-to-date manner. 

A Unit is a topic area that may consist of a number of LearningSites. In a broad sense you can draw an analogy to a book chapter that has many topics in the chapter. Thus Units are the holders of the LearningSites.


How do students get access to WebCourse?
WebCourse is an Internet-based service that can be accessed by any web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. It works equally well on PC and Apple operating systems. As long as users have access to the Internet and a web browser they can use WebCourse.


How secure is the information I put on WebCourse?
Very! WebCourse's servers offer the industry's highest level of security. While no computer service can guarantee perfect security, you can be assured that your information is protected. In addition, WebCourse DOES NOT require student users to provide sensitive personal information such as social security number, phone number or home address.


My school uses filtering software on its computers, how is WebCourse affected by this?
Before we answer this we should point out that filtering software is designed to screen out Web sites and web-based materials that are considered inappropriate for certain people. However, depending on how a certain filtering software works it can also inadvertently screen out information that actually is appropriate for people to experience. So while it generally does a good job, filtering software is by no means perfect.

Filtering software is potentially a problem in some limited circumstances when using WebCourse. These problems occur in situations in which a Web site or web-based material, that is selected by the educator and is part of a LearningSite, is screened out by the filtering software. Obviously we assume that this was appropriate material and for some reason the filtering software will not let it get through. The screening will only occur on computers on which the filtering software resides. For instance, it is possible that a Web site will be filtered out if the student attempts to access the LearningSite from a school or work computer, but may be accessible from the student's home computer if the filtering software is not installed on the home computer.

For educators who wish to have their students use WebCourse at school or work where filtering software may reside, we suggest you make sure the Web site or web-based material is accessible before adding it as a LearningSites. If it is not accessible you may want to contact your network administrator to see if there are any work-arounds to the problem.

One final note, the selection of LearningSites are made by the WebCourse instructor (i.e., account holder). It is important that the Web sites or web-based materials that are selected as LearningSites meet the requirements of your school, company, local government, etc. In addition, the LearningSites must comply with the conditions set worth in WebCourse's Terms of Use.



If I have a problem where can I go for help?
We have made every effort to make WebCourse as easy to use as possible, no matter what your computer skill level. However, if you do run into a problem we are more than happy to help you. A simple email from you explaining the problem will be answered promptly. You can find our email addresses by clicking here. If additional information is needed we will follow-up with a phone call.


How can I order WebCourse?
To purchase the Single-Teacher version of WebCourse we offer the convenience of ordering by credit card through our relationship with PayPal. PayPal is a widely used, trusted and secure payment service that will allow you to use your major credit card to pay for WebCourse. For more information about our relationship with PayPal click here.


Can I try WebCourse before we buy it?
Yes! We offer a Free Trial period. The trial includes access to the Single-Teacher version without restrictions. To access the Free Trial click here.


What do I get when I purchase WebCourse?
Individual teachers who qualify for a single-user account receive the following:
  • Gain access to the single-teacher version of WebCourse which contains most of the features found in our full-featured version  
  • Have unlimited access to our service for one year (from date of purchase)
  • Create up to five individual WebCourses* (i.e., classes)  within the user's account
  • Enroll up to 50 students within the WebCourses created within the user's account
  • Receive free email technical support for the length of the service
* Individual WebCourses are those created within a single-user account and can include multiple different courses/classes and/or multiple sections of the same course/class. 


If I start with a Free Trial how will I know when the time is up and how will I be able to purchase?
When you sign up for a Free Trial you will see a countdown message on your WebCourse home page that will let you know how many days remain on your Free Trial. When you are ready to purchase WebCourse simply click on the words "Purchase Here" and you'll be taken to the ordering page. Once you have purchased WebCourse the countdown message will disappear.


If I start with a Free Trial and then decide to purchase does the one-year service period start on the date I started my Free Trial or on the purchase date?
The one-year service period for using WebCourse starts on the purchase date and not on the date when the Free Trial was initiated.


Is there a way that my school can be sent the bill for my purchase rather then me paying by PayPal?
Currently WebCourse only permits single-user purchases through the online payment option using PayPal. If this is an important issue for you we suggest you contact us to discuss your options. However, you should be aware that when a purchase is made using PayPay verification of the payment is sent to you via email. This receipt can then be printed out or forwarded electronically to those in the organization who handle reimbursement.

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