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List of Product Features - Corporate Training

  • WebCourse's simultaneous delivery of content pages and assessment tools within a single web browser using our unique SingleVutm approach will heighten the learning experience and improve information retention.
  • As a full-featured, easy-to-use and affordable product, WebCourse is the right choice for small-to-mid sized organizations that want to move corporate training online.
  • Our patent-pending technology enables instructors to build courses and materials quickly and easily without the hassles associated with course development found with other e-learning products.
  • Course development time is very quick allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your training or educational program.
  • WebCourse allows for access to of both uploaded learning materials as well as access to training materials that exist on Internet or Intranet sites.
  • WebCourse's class registration feature allows for either instructor controlled registration or lets trainees enroll on their own through a self-registration option.
  • The design and layout of WebCourse is extremely user-friendly and no matter what the user's computer skill level both instructors and students will quickly become comfortable navigating within WebCourse.
  • The course reporting tools provide up-to-date information on your students; including reports that show each student's: status on assigned tasks, course access activity, comparison to others in the class and more.
  • The instantaneous feedback available through the assessment tools will immediately alert students to areas requiring additional study time.
  • Assignment control features allow trainers to control when and for how long assignments are available.
  • WebCourse allows your training program to be available to any student, anywhere, at anytime.
  • Access to WebCourse accounts is password protected for all users.
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