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WebCourse: e-Learning Software & Learning Management System

Welcome to WebCourse, the incredibly easy yet powerful online training & learning management system. WebCourse is uniquely designed, full-featured e-learning software that works well in many training and instructional situations including:

Corporate Training
Those involved in corporate training, especially for small-to-medium sized companies, will find WebCourse provides cost effective tools for moving some or all of your employee or business partner training to an online environment. Learn More>>

Continuing Education
Continuing education providers including those in medical, legal & other professional areas will enjoy the speed at which current materials, such as paper-based manuals and study guides, can be moved to the web. Learn More>>

For situations where some or all training or educational content is already web-based, WebCourse's easy-to-use course and assessment building interface makes it the perfect e-learning software. Learn More>>

Schools & Districts
K to 12 educators can easily, quickly and affordably add technology to the curriculum exciting students, parents & administrators. Learn More>>

If you are looking for an e-learning solution that is easy-to-use, cost effective and quick to implement we invite you to look around and learn more about WebCourse.

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We are very pleased to announce that WebCourse has been awarded a United States Patent for our innovative, unique and easy-to-use approach to online education/training.

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