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WebCourse Privacy Statement

The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for, a service operated by WebCourse Services, Inc. (“WebCourse”). WebCourse is strongly committed to maintaining the high standards of privacy for all users of our service.

WebCourse does not sell or make available for rental to third parties any information provided by its users.

WebCourse requires users of our service to provide certain information as part of the registration process for gaining access to the service. For those registering to create a WebCourse (“Instructor”) this information will include among other items name, school/business affiliation, school/business address, school/business phone number, age (see Description of Account Holders in Terms of Use Statement) supervisor’s name (e.g., principal) and email address. We gather this data in order to verify information for billing purposes and also to ensure that those who create a WebCourse are legitimate users. Your registration information, such as your email address, may be used to provide communication to you from WebCourse such as confirming your registration, providing reminders of payment status, offering service renewal notices, occasionally sending you updated information about WebCourse, sending requests for feedback that are designed to improve the service provided by WebCourse. Because this information is vital to operating WebCourse, an opt-out option is not available for Instructors who create a WebCourse. We may also provide reminders of service offerings to those who have previously indicated an interest in our service. Those receiving these reminders may choose to opt-out of future notices by following instructions contained within the notices.

For those enrolled in a WebCourse (“Students”) we also require registration and ask for name, email address, gender and birthdate (see Use by Minors in Terms of Use Statement). WebCourse does not require any other information, however, it does allow for the gathering of optional information such as phone number, mailing address and identification number. The email address collected is strictly used for communication purposes within the course. On occasion WebCourse may need to contact, via email, a person enrolled in a course who may be experiencing a problem with service operations. Whenever possible a carbon copy email will be sent to the course Instructor. WEBCOURSE DOES NOT SEND PROMOTIONAL EMAIL NOR DOES IT ALLOW ANY OF ITS THIRD PARTY PARTNERS TO SEND PROMOTIONAL EMAIL TO STUDENTS ENROLLED IN A WEBCOURSE.

Information regarding the activity within a course by an individual Student (i.e., account holder) using WebCourse is available to the account holder such as the Student and other authorized users of the account such as Parents were applicable, to the Instructor of the course and, in some forms, to WebCourse Services, Inc. Information regarding the activity of an Instructor (i.e., account holder) using WebCourse is available to that Instructor only and, in some forms, to WebCourse Services, Inc. WebCourse Services, Inc. will only use the user’s activity within a course in situations that require the maintaining quality of service (e.g., service access problems) and to identify and protect from potential service violators. 
WebCourse may use the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our Web site. Additionally, we may track user activity, via server logs, on a aggregated basis in order to understand general user trends which is designed to help us improves user’s experience with WebCourse. However, WebCourse does not track individual user behavior on our site, other than activity within a specific course (see above), rather we look at the collective users’ experience (i.e., aggregated).

Children under the age of 13 can only register with WebCourse if they have first obtained written permission from their parent or guardian. WebCourse requires that written permission be collected by by the Instructor or School. (Contact us for an example of the permission form)

To access WebCourse users must enter a username and password when they first login. The user’s session will continue until the user logs out of the service. Since access remains in place as long as the user’s web browser is open, it is important that users logoff when their session is ended.

WebCourse does not use cookies of any kind.

WebCourse is built on the idea of using the resources of the Internet to enhance the learning process. Instructors using WebCourse are responsible for selecting the resources that appear in their WebCourse. Consequently, a course offered by an Instructors may contain numerous links to other Web sites and resources. WebCourse is not responsible for the privacy policies (or lack of) or the content of these Web sites. Please refer to the privacy statement on these sites for further clarification of their policies.

WebCourse has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information stored within our system. Order information is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer technology throughout the entire purchase process to protect you and allow you to buy with confidence. Credit card information is not captured by WebCourse nor is it stored on this site.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or this Web site, please contact us via email at or write to:

WebCourse Services, Inc.
Suite 01
40 Fawn Lane
Kennett Square, PA 19348

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